User Agreement


1) Your reservation you have made through our website www.staykalkan.com will be entered into the calendars and your reservation will be confirmed if your payment is made (Your reservation will not be realised unless the minimum 30% prepayment amount or the full amount is paid by transfer or virtual pos to Gülhan Inan's commercial bank accounts and the amount does not reach our accounts).The remaining payment from the prepayment amount (Prepayment amount is 30%) must be made to the relevant person or the landlord at the entrance to the accommodation facility (30% is valid if prepayment is made, if you have paid in full, no additional fee will be charged unless you request additional services from you at the entrance). If there is any damage in the control to be made by the landlord or the relevant person at the exit from the villa, Gülhan Inan (hereinafter referred to as "Pier Homes") reserves the right to demand this damage fee from the customer.

2)  The remaining payment is paid in advance before entering the house. (Online Payment - Payment with Pos - Cash) The house cannot be entered without payment to the authorised person.

3)  Check-in times are between 14:00 - 16:00 (due to cleaning) and check-out times are strictly until 11:00. These time zones may change depending on the availability of the house with the approval of the landlord.

4)  Stay Kalkan is the intermediary between the landlord and the customer. If there is a problem with the house, the person or the landlord is responsible for fixing it. If the problem cannot be solved, Stay Kalkan will help to resolve the problem.

5) All kinds of insurance such as earthquake, fire, flood, natural disasters, etc., which are available in all our houses and have been taken out by the owners, do not cover the guests staying in the house. Guests staying at the house are advised to take out personal insurances such as life, health and theft insurances.

6) It is forbidden to accommodate extra persons other than the above-mentioned persons in the house. If it is found that more than the maximum number of people specified in the description of the house are staying, the landlord / the person concerned has the right to evict these people from the house or to request an additional fee.

7) Reservations cancelled by the customer must be notified to Stay Kalkan at least 30 days before the check-in date. If not notified, Pier Homes will collect the remaining amount as follows;

For cancellations made 30-15 days in advance, 50% of the remaining fee will be charged and the deposit will not be refunded.

For cancellations made between 14-0 days, 100% of the remaining fee will be charged.

If the customer leaves the house for any reason after entering the house, there is absolutely no refund.

8) In case of dispute, Kas Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorised to resolve the dispute.

9) This contract has been drawn up and signed on 01/01/2020 in 9 (nine) articles and 2 (two) copies, and one copy of the contract has been given to the customer, one copy to the [Customer] and the other copy to the landlord.

Be sure to read it before travelling:

Before you set off, check the directions on a map or on the internet. We are not responsible for any problems or damages that may arise due to this description we have made to help you.
Please inform us 1 day before your departure that you will be travelling.
Make sure you have a printout of the Contract, Travel Document and Sketch with you before you set off.
Deposit, electricity, water, etc. will not be requested from you. These expenses are included in the fee. However, if there is a damaged item or material in the control to be made by our authorities at the exit of the accommodation facility, Stay Kalkan or Pier Homes may request this from you. (When you first enter the accommodation facility or on the first day, be sure to check the items. If there is any broken or damaged item or material that catches your eye, have us or the relevant person take a note or notify us)
During your holiday, you can always consult us about activities, tours, places to visit or car rental. If necessary, we can prepare a holiday programme for you and make reservations for activities (Stay Kalkan and Pier Homes reserves the right to commission or profit).
Your check-in time is normally 16:00. However, you may need to give us an additional 3-4 hours cleaning time in order to deliver the house to you clean. (This includes situations where more time than the normal cleaning time is required to repair serious damage that may have occurred due to the previous customer). The check-out time is strictly until 11:00 (11:00 is set as the check-out time after the current stay in order to clean the building until the next customer's arrival time and to remove any existing damage). These time zones can be changed depending on the availability of the house with the approval of the landlord.
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