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Stay Kalkan: Unforgettable Holiday Experience and Beyond

Situated in the heart of Antalya, Turkey's charming southern region, Stay Kalkan offers more than just a memorable holiday experience; it brings comfort and luxury together under one roof. With a wide range of options including villas, hotels, apartments, and guesthouses, we warmly welcome you with services tailored to every taste and need.

Where Nature's Beauty Meets Comfort

Nestled within the unique Mediterranean flora, our region aims to offer you both the beauty of nature and the pleasures of comfort. Our villas, hotels, apartments, and guesthouses are thoughtfully designed spaces that harmoniously blend luxury and aesthetics. During your stay, you'll feel right at home while also witnessing the splendors of nature.

Service Excellence for Customer Satisfaction

At Stay Kalkan, our ultimate goal is to make you happy and help you create unforgettable memories. In line with this, we provide exclusive experiences to our target audience of quality and luxury seekers, predominantly comprising intellectual customers from the UK, Germany, and Russia. From plane tickets to airport transfers, baby crib services to meals prepared by private chefs, car rentals to boat excursions and tour arrangements, our extensive range of services caters to every need.

More Than Just a Holiday: A Full Experience

As the Stay Kalkan family, we aim not only to provide a holiday but also to help you savor the essence of life. With real estate services, we assist you in finding your dream residence. This comprehensive array of services empowers you to shape your future investments.

We're Waiting for You

We invite you to join the Stay Kalkan family for an experience you won't want to miss and much more. Don't hesitate to visit our website for more information about all the services we offer and to make reservations. For a holiday experience and beyond that will cater to your desires, we're here for you.

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